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What GPA do I need to have to get into most Ivy League Schools?

Updated Lakeland, Florida

I want to goto a good school and I love FSU.

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5 answers

Colin’s Answer

Hi Austin!

I actually went to Brown University which is an Ivy League School. Most of the colleges will post recommended GPAs or average GPAs. However I think that there are many things that are weighed along with the GPA, including standardized scores, essays, and other extracurricular activities.

I would also recommend in trying to find a school that meets your needs and go from there. The Ivy League has a diverse range of schools (big, small, cities, rural), I would focus on finding what you want to go to college to do. If you don't know that is okay, pick a school that meets your other needs (size, geography, etc.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Rochelle’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Hello Austin,

In regard to Ivy League schools I would recommend having over a 4.0 weighted GPA. Keep in mind these schools are also looking for well rounded students. GPA is a major factor but extracurricular activities are also very important.

Taylor’s Answer

Updated Conway, South Carolina

Hi Austin,

College Simply.com recommends a minimum GPA of 3.88 for first-year students applying to FSU. However, Austin if you would like to apply to an Ivy League school like Stanford a minimum GPA of 4.18 is recommended for applicants applying to the freshmen class.

Hope this information helps you Austin,


Taylor Gall 

Richard’s Answer

Updated Morrisville, North Carolina

First off, congratulations, you have set a lofty goal for your self and you need to do alot of research and planning to achieve that goal. There are a number of very good college sites two of them are https://www.niche.com/ and https://www.usnews.com/info/blogs/press-room/articles/2018-09-10/us-news-announces-2019-best-colleges-rankings. I agree with the other comments - be well rounded and purposeful in what you are doing outside of school to get considered. A great place to start is your guidance counselor. All the best!

Blake Ashley’s Answer

Hi Austin, A strong GPA is important, but Ivy's are also looking for well-rounded students. In addition to good grades, you should have other interests and strengths to demonstrate that you would be a valuable addition to the school. Best, Blake