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Healthcare Support Occupations
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Grace Dec 08, 2020 967 views

OB/GYN, certified nurse midwife, or PA

I want to work with labor and delivery. I want to be there for my patients, championing them, while also helping them. I like the idea of being an ob-gyn because I'd love to perform surgical procedures, be part of high risk pregnancies, help women from conception through postpartum, and so...

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gianna Oct 03, 2022 330 views

How much money do these jobs make?

How long do I have to go to college to become a doctor? How much money do therapists make? What does a real estate agent do? How much money do nurses make?

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Maria May 12, 2020 1074 views

What is the difference between a Physical therapist and physical scientist ?

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy #physical #medicine #salary # career #doctor

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Harry Apr 22, 2020 684 views

What comes after medical school?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #medicine #premed #doctor

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Aleksandra May 04, 2019 905 views

What is something you wish you knew before you entered the medical field?

I am planning to be premed in college next year, and I don't know any medical professionals closely. I would appreciate any input on what surprised you about medicine, and what one should be prepared for. Thank you! #stem #women-in-stem #medicine #med #doctor #surgeon #premed #nurse #pa #ot #pt...

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Max Dec 06, 2019 990 views

Medical Field with a business degree?

I am expected to graduate in May of 2020 with a bachelor's in Integrated Business. I am at a loss for the business world and don't feel challenged at all. I was considering maybe switching up to a career in the medical field. I was looking into Pharmacy or maybe becoming a PA? I know this all...

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Anthony May 29, 2018 708 views

What characteristics did you or your co-workers notice that portrayed a “jaded” or “burned out” nurse and what can be done to re-kindle the passion for the profession that was experienced in nursing school?


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Kristen Jan 16, 2018 581 views

Where is the most lucrative place in the US for an RN? #igotstudentloans

My husband and I are thinking about relocating in a few years. #nursing #registered-nurses #student-debt #debt #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care