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Lianna G. Jan 16, 2018 349 views

What is a good career choice for a person with a natural ability for learning foreign languages?

In addition to excelling in English throughout high school, I also have a passion for Spanish and American Sign Language. I would love to get input from others regarding a career choice that would allow me to use this strength. #foreign-languages #language #communication #spanish...


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Vivian K. Apr 12, 2018 313 views

What should I do if I feel like my dream career is too specific?

My goal is to become a counselor specifically for deaf and hard of hearing patients. I don't want to have to give up either aspect of the sign interpreting or the psychology but I'm not sure how to go about doing both. I'm already a senior in high school so I feel like my time is running out to...

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Miranda C. Jan 05, 2018 510 views

How can I be an SLP that incorporates ASL in my practice?

Hi there! I've studied ASL all through high school and college (I'm a senior in college now), originally double majoring in ASL and speech pathology - now just majoring in SLP and minoring in ASL. I desperately want to incorporate ASL into being an SLP, but I've had professors tell me it's...

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Destiny T. Feb 08, 2017 327 views

When did you find your love for sign language?

I am asking this question because I want to understand how other people fell in love with sign language like I did and around the age #classes #family #interpreter #languages #american-sign-language...


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Destiny T. Feb 08, 2017 559 views

Did you ever teach friends sign language when you were growing up?

I want to see how people tried to spread the word about deaf culture. #american-sign-language #british-sign-language...


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Destiny T. Feb 08, 2017 504 views

If you teach sign language professionally, do you also do other work outside of sign?

I'm interested in sign professionally. How much do you care about sign? Is this something I would have to focus all of my attention on all the time? #american-sign-language #british-sign-language...


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Kayla W. May 20, 2016 470 views

What is Speech-Language Pathology Career like?

I'm interested in the Speech-Language Pathology career and I want to specialize in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing so I can work with kids. #teaching #speech-pathology...


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Haylee K. May 18, 2016 435 views

What's the best part about being a sign language interpreter?

I'm planning on studying to be a sign language interpreter. I'm curious about what I can look forward to....


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Nora Y. May 18, 2016 1126 views

In which career in the psychology/therapy fields would ASL and foreign languages be most valued?

I speak 2 languages (including English) fluently and 3 more at varying degrees of functional fluency. One language I know that I think is particularly unique is American Sign Language, which I learned in school and at an academic summer camp. Now that I'm thinking about potential career choices...

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