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Career Questions tagged Speech Language

elenisse’s Avatar
elenisse Jun 19, 2021 257 views

what career would you like in the future ?

i don’t know what i want to work for but i want to do something with kids. #speech-language pathologist# #career

Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Aug 22, 2018 609 views

What degree should you earn to be most qualified for speech pathology?

speech pathology #speech-language #speech-therapy #speech-pathology

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jul 06, 2018 693 views

How important is Speech Pathology/Communication Disorders to the world in general?

Speech Pathology is what I want to be when I go off to college. It helps people with speech impediments such as : lisps, strokes, etc.

#sp #speech-pathology #speech-language #audiologist

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Jun 25, 2018 723 views

Is obtaining your undergraduate degree in speech and language pathology required to get your masters and become a speech pathologist?

I am approaching my senior year of college majoring in family studies and human development and I recently discovered my interest in speech and language pathology and I'm interested in getting my masters in order to become a speech and language pathologist but I was wondering if I need to have...

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Apr 06, 2018 714 views

In a clinical setting, how many patients does a speech therapist treat daily?

I am curious as to know how busy I will be during work hours. I know that reports are to be updated after each appointment. How long does it take to update your patient's documents? #speech-language-pathology #speech-pathology #speech-language-pathologist #speech-language

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Apr 13, 2017 737 views

What schools in my area offer a degree in speech therapy?

I am currently a junior at a school in North Andover, Mass. studying Biology. I would like to move on and get my masters in speech therapy, but I am having a hard time finding schools that offer it. #speech-pathology #speech-language #speech-therapy #speech-language-pathology #speech-pathologist

Tyann’s Avatar
Tyann Oct 23, 2016 864 views

What were classes like in college for a speech pathology major?

This is the major I'm pursuing. #speech-pathology #speech #speech-language

Tyann’s Avatar
Tyann Oct 23, 2016 741 views

What is the life of a Speech Pathologist/Communication Disorder Specialist like?

I aspire to be a speech therapist and communication disorder specialist. I want to work with people and help them find great ways to communicate their emotions effectively. #communication #speech-pathology #speech #speech-language

Gyna’s Avatar
Gyna May 03, 2015 1178 views

What are the benefits of knowing more than one language when it comes to Speech Pathology?

Does this mean you're able to work in different countries? #doctor #medicine #professor #speech-pathology #pathologist #speech-language

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Oct 22, 2013 6201 views

What are some ways I can be better at speaking confidently?

Every time I get called on in class or I have to present to the whole class I get really nervous, ESPECIALLY if I have to stand up when I'm doing it!! I tried to speak at home in the mirror to practice because my teacher suggested it but it feels silly. Some of the other students are more proud...

KaljahOppNet2017’s Avatar
KaljahOppNet2017 Jan 22, 2012 2043 views

What are some memorable moments that you have being a speech-language pathologist?

I am interested in being a speech-language pathologist, and wanted to know how this field has helped others in their speech and/or confidence. #science #pathologist #speech-language