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Career Questions tagged Audiologist

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jan 24 434 views

what education do i need to become a hearing aid specialist ?

I've had hearing aids of my own but after a while, they start to hurt our ears and would like to create a hearing aid that's custom for every different person for an affordable price that doesn't break the bank. I understand ur ears are very important in life and hearing is one of the most...

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Mar 24, 2020 224 views

What job opportunities are there for an audiologist?

#job #audiologist

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jul 06, 2018 563 views

How important is Speech Pathology/Communication Disorders to the world in general?

Speech Pathology is what I want to be when I go off to college. It helps people with speech impediments such as : lisps, strokes, etc.

#sp #speech-pathology #speech-language #audiologist

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 17, 2018 544 views

How do I increase awareness of audiology to increase the reputation and respect that audiologists should receive as a Doctor?

Audiology is not well known and therefore people do not go see an audiologist, or if they do go see one, they don't stick around very long, have a hard time believing the audiologist and there is less respect for audiology as a fellow colleague. There is a stereotype that since A.uD's are...

Naveen mgr’s Avatar
Naveen mgr Jun 23, 2016 418 views

What are the qualifications to become a Audiologists?

I want to become a Audiologists. Please tell me the way t achieve my goal. #audiologist

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 22, 2016 583 views

Do most people that become audiologists go to school full-time or part-time after graduating from college?

I am planning to get a master's degree in speech pathology and am then considering continuing on to become an audiologist. I was wondering if most people continue to work as a speech pathologist while attending additional classes to become an audiologist or if they go to school full-time...

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 22, 2016 728 views

Are the requirements for becoming a speech pathologist the same in every state?

I am planning to study speech pathology, and I know you need to have a master's degree in most states in order to practice. I am wondering if that is the case for all states or if some require additional education or a test to become certified to practice. #speech-pathology #audiologist