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Career Questions tagged Respect

Rishikesh’s Avatar
Rishikesh May 10, 2021 253 views

how to earn money from online jobs

#respect #riding

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Jan 13, 2021 266 views

How much do electrician linemans make?

#respect #money

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Sep 16, 2020 421 views

How do workplaces handle disrespect?

#respect # #business #career

Giovanna’s Avatar
Giovanna Apr 20, 2018 1769 views

Does anyone that become a police officer regret becoming one?

With some of the recent incidents of officers killing people have you ever regretted joining because of how people view you now. I mean I know that there is bad cops and good cops but how do you feel about it? I want to study criminal justice and law enforcement #police-and-law-enforcement...

Azucena’s Avatar
Azucena Mar 21, 2018 650 views

If my strengths are getting to know others and being respectful and my hobbies are playing trumpet and helping others, what career best fit me?

I am asking because I thought i had my life together but there is just alot of careers out there and i'm having a really hard time deciding. #helping-others #helping-people #respect #music

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 17, 2018 564 views

How do I increase awareness of audiology to increase the reputation and respect that audiologists should receive as a Doctor?

Audiology is not well known and therefore people do not go see an audiologist, or if they do go see one, they don't stick around very long, have a hard time believing the audiologist and there is less respect for audiology as a fellow colleague. There is a stereotype that since A.uD's are...

Zena’s Avatar
Zena Jan 16, 2018 512 views

If an educated population is very important, why are teachers in the US not respected (and trusted) as much as they are in other countries?

We had to do a project in English about our "Ideal Education System" and this question came to my mind. I also want to be a teacher.
#teacher #respect #education

Shari’s Avatar
Shari May 18, 2016 600 views

Do we always call our teachers professors? Is it rude to say mr. Or ms?

Curiosity #logic #respect

Tanaysha’s Avatar
Tanaysha Apr 12, 2016 1283 views

How much money does a squash player make a year ?

because i'm thinking about playing squash #respect