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Does anyone that become a police officer regret becoming one?

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With some of the recent incidents of officers killing people have you ever regretted joining because of how people view you now. I mean I know that there is bad cops and good cops but how do you feel about it?
I want to study criminal justice and law enforcement

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2 answers

Kim’s Answer



Since you want to become a police officer, go for it! If you find it's not for you, you can go into other careers. The skills you acquire as a police officer are transferable into other occupations.

As a police officer, I found it interesting when I dealt with people who accused me of being prejudicial, such as if they wore saggy pants and had tattoos, or rode a motorcycle. Yet, when I asked them why they thought I was prejudist, they said it was because I was a cop. I would of course, point out the hypocrisy of it all . As a cop, you will be judged by the people you encounter. They will see you as "a cop." Nothing more. Nothing less. We all get lumped together. If they are aware of previous bad encounters with cops, they will expect the same of you. This is very important. Why? Because your life could be in danger, simply because you are wearing the uniform.

Unless you witness wrong-doing by your fellow officers, you are responsible only for your own actions. Be the best person you can be, each and every time. I made it a point to be extra-fair to people that I knew were more likely than not to have been harassed by cops at some point in their lives - trying to set the wrongs right, and get them to see me as an individual.

No, I don't regret becoming a cop. I believe I made a difference in some peoples' lives - in a positive way, and got some bad people off the streets. I did not do anything super-newsworthy, but I know I did a good job.

Please let me know if you have more questions!

Best of luck!


Eyen’s Answer


No; very few regret their choice as they help in maintaining law and order in the society. The joy and relief they bring to many is immeasurable. I was raised by a dad who was a cop and also had uncles who were also police officers. This gave me first-hand understanding of the role of policemen in nation building. Interfacing with this group of men and women has enabled me to garner key life qualities such as empathy, integrity, dedication, hard work and perseverance.