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How do workplaces handle disrespect?

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4 answers

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Nancy’s Answer

Hi Alyssa,
Most public companies have a code of conduct or culture code that they require employees to be educated in. It has clear expectations of how employees should treat each other and the proper way to report behaviors that do not comply. Each employee should follow the code but also each employee has a responsibility to report inappropriate or disrespectful behavior. I find now as an older middle manager employee that I would always first let a colleague know if I thought an action was disrespectful. However a code of conduct has other ways for employees to report issues to their direct manager or to HR if they have a concern of retribution. Then depending on severity the employee who has acted inappropriately will be spoken with, he or she may have a performance plan for this put on their employment file, or if extremely inappropriate, dangerous or even illegal they may need to be terminated. As a young employee it is often hard to do this report issues. However, please learn from my mistake. If you do not report issues to your manager and to HR, a person could repeat the same disrespectful, inappropriate and even illegal behavior to someone else. It is important to remember that your protect yourself, your employer and the culture by reporting inappropriate behavior. I hope this helps you. Cheers to you Alyssa.

I love your answer! Thank you so much! Alyssa S.

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Sumana’s Answer

The best way to handle disrespect is to say "NO". Be vocal if you feel disrespected. Sometimes the opposite person didn't actually want to be disrespectful but may have not used the right choice of words. Being vocal will not only help the intended person to know that he/she is disrespectful. It also helps other in the team/office to understand you better. Its always best to talk one on one before escalating. May be the other person have other opinion.

Rudeness can mean different things to different people, or within different organizations or environments. Similarly, there can be cultural differences to consider. So talking one and one is always the first option. This saves both your self-respect and the relationship.

If one and one is not resolving the issue, there are different channel that are available in an organization. Please be familiar with the HR policies and the escalation procedure of the organization. No organization takes this lightly, every organization have many process in place to help out with such matters.

At last, to keep your mental health good, do not let anything that happens in office too much to heart. Remember one thing, no one will be affected if anything happens to you. Words only from your near and dear ones should affect you, no one else's should matter.

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Ricardo’s Answer

Companies have code of conduct, and proper channel to address improper behavior. Wrong behavior may be subject of conversation with a coworker. If things are not solved then it may go to your supervisor, manager. You may receive advice, warning or be terminated depending on the offense or transgression.

Thank you so much!! Alyssa S.

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Vito’s Answer

There are a few ways to think about this:

1. Culture. Different companies will foster different cultures that trickle down into the way their employees interact on a daily basis.
2. Training. At my company, PwC, there are a slew of required trainings that address this very topic. By being proactive with initiatives like this, it helps to influence #1.
3. HR. As the folks above suggested, there are multiple channels for you to address this. It can often be done on your specific team (if it is a peer, potentially discuss with your manager), or you can go to HR if necessary.