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How important is Speech Pathology/Communication Disorders to the world in general?

Speech Pathology is what I want to be when I go off to college. It helps people with speech impediments such as : lisps, strokes, etc.

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Hi Sydney, this is a great question. Speech- Language Pathologists and Assistants are some of the most crucial professionals in the education and medical settings. I spent 9 years as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant working primarily in the schools and the impact that I have had in helping students, families, and teacher has been invaluable. I had the opportunity to travel during the last 7 years across the U.S. and each experience broadened my knowledge and peaked my interest in learning as much as I could from my SLP Supervisors, OTs, PT, ESL teacher, etc. It is a helping professions, so the impact and reward is often realized daily.

Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

I recommend shadowing/interviewing local SLPs in the area in various settings (e.g. school, medical, clinic, etc.) to learn about the variou experiences that each professional has had.