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Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Jun 25, 2018 1068 views

Is obtaining your undergraduate degree in speech and language pathology required to get your masters and become a speech pathologist?

I am approaching my senior year of college majoring in family studies and human development and I recently discovered my interest in speech and language pathology and I'm interested in getting my masters in order to become a speech and language pathologist but I was wondering if I need to have...

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jul 06, 2018 808 views

How important is Speech Pathology/Communication Disorders to the world in general?

Speech Pathology is what I want to be when I go off to college. It helps people with speech impediments such as : lisps, strokes, etc.

#sp #speech-pathology #speech-language #audiologist

Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Aug 22, 2018 611 views

What are the best classes to take for the speech pathology major

#speech-pathology #pathologist #classes