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abbey P. Apr 16, 2018 276 views

what questions do you ask a potential employee when in an interview setting

to conduct an interview with a potential employer and to get the right information...


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anakin S. Oct 22, 2019 480 views

If my strength is loyalty waht are



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azur B. Jan 20, 2018 459 views
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Michael G. Dec 23, 2020 178 views

When asked "What are your strengths?" Should I list my strengths with examples or just strengths alone?

When asked "What are your strengths?" Should I list my strengths with examples or just strengths alone?...


Trinity C.’s Avatar
Trinity C. Jan 17, 2018 1214 views

Would it be better to live in a small town or big city when it comes to forensics?

I’m not sure where I want to live in the future and want to know if I’ll be able to find a stable job anywhere I go. #forensic-science #forensics #forensic...


Kenadrea R.’s Avatar
Kenadrea R. Apr 12, 2018 248 views

What are the qualifications to become a nurse

Because this is the career I want to have and I would like to have more research on it #pediatric-nursing #nurse #nursing #healthcare...


Lydia A.’s Avatar
Lydia A. Jun 22, 2017 10956 views

Careers available in prevention of human trafficking?

I am a high school student currently enrolled in collegiate high school working towards my AA. I am very interested in fighting sex trafficking and would be interested to know my options as far as this field goes and what my major should be to be successful on this path, but still have a...

#career-details #sociology #human-resources #gender-studies #psychology #non-profit #social-services #human-trafficking #human-rights

Ethan B.’s Avatar
Ethan B. May 15, 2020 307 views

How would I proceed to get into the underwater nuclear welding field?

I am currently enrolled into a job corp program and is currently working toward a high school diploma and a certificate for welding and after I finish that I would be going to advanced training for commercial diving and I would like to have any further advice on anything else I would have to do...


DejaCodman2 .’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 . Oct 10, 2012 2269 views

About how much money does a flight attendant make a year?

I am a sophomore who is exploring the idea of becoming a flight attendant. #money #flight-attendant...


Mack M.’s Avatar
Mack M. Apr 12, 2018 484 views

What are some good interview tips for beginner jobs?

I have an interview in a few days for my first job. Are there any helpful tips anyone can give me? #interview...


Trinity H.’s Avatar
Trinity H. Nov 24, 2020 121 views

In order to make society and the economy become beneficial for all of the human race, what is one major ethical step we have to accomplish together to reach this goal?

I am 18 years old and I live in Riverview, Florida with my family. I love to play softball, volunteer at little league softball and baseball complexes, and hang with friends. My end goal in life is to make the world a safer and better place to live in for everyone. I want to spread love,...

#spreadkindness #veterinary-medicine #business #goals #career #loveislove #salary #career-path #sonogram

Donovan P.’s Avatar
Donovan P. Jan 17, 2018 748 views

What is the best study habit to have for any class?

The reason why because I don't have a consistent study habit.#study-tips #studying #academic-advising #time-management...


Paige B.’s Avatar
Paige B. Jan 16, 2018 500 views

What tricks are there to calm down and present with confidence?

I get so anxious and nervous when I have to present a project infront of a class. I would really like to find a solution to this problem because as I progress in my major I would love to be able to put my ideas into the classroom and inspire.#presentations #anxiety...


Ariana M.’s Avatar
Ariana M. Apr 16, 2018 999 views

Tips for candidates new to the interviewing process

What are some tips or pointers for people who are looking for their first jobs(s). How do I stand out while having no experience or professional qualifications? #interviews #interview #interviewing-skills #professionalism #new-hires...

Seth Y.’s Avatar
Seth Y. Apr 02, 2019 201 views
DejaCodman2 .’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 . Sep 07, 2012 1325 views

What are the steps that I need to take in order to become an OBGYN?

I am a sophomore who is interested in becoming an OBGYN. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #education...


vasharra K.’s Avatar
vasharra K. Apr 02, 2019 325 views
Michelle P.’s Avatar
Michelle P. Mar 31, 2020 293 views

I'm unsure what career options would suit me best with my current interests and hobbies. What advice can be given when looking for a career path that would suit me better when regarding my strengths and interests?

I'm currently a senior in high school. I enjoy marine biology, choir, colorguard (marching band), and helping others for the general cause. I have multiple interests but am unsure how to figure out what career path may suit me best depending on my strengths. My top 2 strengths are open...

#leadership #career-choice #career #choir #colorguard #career-counseling #helpingothers #marinebiology

Lidibet G.’s Avatar
Lidibet G. Apr 27, 2020 407 views

how many branches are there within the accounting career

I am interested in a finance career especially in accounting. But I wanted to know how long the career lasts and how easy it is to get a position in a company. #business #financial-accounting...


marvin C.’s Avatar
marvin C. Apr 17, 2019 301 views
Dominique C.’s Avatar
Dominique C. Jan 23, 2018 271 views

What kind of degree (major and degree level) would you ideally need to be a video game designer?

I'm currently looking into different career path choices. I have dabbled in video game design since I was about 8 years old, and I was curious as to what to pursue in college if I decide I want to continue to a professional level. #career-planning #video-game-production...


Lidibet G.’s Avatar
Lidibet G. Apr 27, 2020 363 views

How many years of study are for the finance career?

I am interested in a finance career especially in accounting. But I wanted to know how long the career lasts and how easy it is to get a position in a company. #accounting #business...


Julio G.’s Avatar
Julio G. May 07, 2020 237 views
O'shea J.’s Avatar
O'shea J. Apr 11, 2018 359 views

How to start a career in Art?

What is the best way to start a career in Art? Being able to make out is one thing but getting artwork out there and to be noticed and recognized for any possible career possibilities. I am trying to be a official recognized artist and I'm working on trying to have my own unique style. I focus...

#artist #art #drawing #digital-art

renee M.’s Avatar
renee M. Aug 14, 2016 378 views

What is a good start up job right after college that will prepare you to learn about the day to day responsibilities of a sports agent?

I am a currently a high school senior in Florida. I am looking to continue my education in college with a degree in sports management or business/ sports law. Afterwards I plan to attend law school in order to pursue a successful career as a sports agent. This school year I am doing an...

#business #law #negotiation #sports-management #sports-agent

Ryan O.’s Avatar
Ryan O. Apr 11, 2018 258 views

What types of degrees do they offer in the Law program?

I've been interested in becoming a lawyer since i could remember. The type of lawyer i dream of being is a corporate lawyer for a big company. I love to help people and see good things turn out for good people and the pay is decent!...


Fabian F.’s Avatar
Fabian F. Oct 30, 2020 76 views

What should I major in if I want to become an epidemiologist?

I'm a high school senior and I'm thinking of majoring in microbiology with a minor of statistics; would these be good choices if I want to eventually join the epidemiology field? #majors #university #epidemiology...


Jairon A.’s Avatar
Jairon A. May 08, 2020 261 views

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