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What is the life of a Speech Pathologist/Communication Disorder Specialist like?

Asked New York, New York

I aspire to be a speech therapist and communication disorder specialist. I want to work with people and help them find great ways to communicate their emotions effectively. #communication #speech-pathology #speech #speech-language

2 answers

T.’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Your life is what you make of it! Speech language pathology is a great field. The SLP's life varies depending on the setting. The patients they see depends on where they work and the neighborhood they are in. It is a fulfilling career and never gets boring. What area of expertise are you looking into? School? Jail? Cancer center? Parkinson's Center? hospital?

Terri’s Answer

Updated Washington

Its a good life. You will always be able to find a job any where. You can work in schools, hospitals, the government, even become a part of the US Health Corp, it's an uniformed branch of the military and be able to retire in 20 years just as if you were in the military. I would highly recommend the field.