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Azra H. Mar 18, 2014 835 views

What are some good colleges where I can major in Speech-Pathology?

I am interested in this career and would like to know which colleges to look into #colleges #majors...


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Azra H. Mar 18, 2014 679 views
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Tashiyra F. Mar 28, 2014 3826 views

What does the day-to-day experience of a speech pathologist consist of?

The career of speech pathology and child development interests me, but the aspects on the job sometimes is concerning. I'd like to know exactly what a speech pathologist's schedule is like? #children #speech-pathology...


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Rama .. Apr 24, 2014 1654 views

What is most enjoyable about being a speech therapist?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am shadowing a speech therapist that works at a private school. Sometimes I get bored because my mentor does the same thing in every session and I am just sitting there observing. I want to know if it is different for speech therapists not working at a...

#therapy #speech #schools #offices #speech-pathology #children

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Chandler P. Mar 24, 2015 4220 views

How would a student like myself go about becoming a Speech Pathologist? Do I have to go to Medical School as well?

I want to become a Speech Pathologist and an OB doctor at the same time. However, I do not know if I need to go to medical school for both of these careers. Help?! #professors #speech-pathology #speech...


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Gyna R. Apr 30, 2015 2860 views

Do speech pathologists work with deaf people? If so, are they required to learn sign language?

I am wondering because I read somewhere online that there is 2 types of speech pathologist, one that deals with deaf peoplem and one that doesn't. #medicine #professor #health #speech-pathology #pathologist...


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Gyna R. May 03, 2015 877 views
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Grace R. May 04, 2016 473 views

I was wondering what public colleges offer Speech Pathology as a Masters Degree in Florida? And which ones are better and for what reasons?

I am thinking about going into Speech Pathology as a Masters Degree. I am confused about what public colleges offer it. I would love some opinions on those colleges as well. #college-major #masters...


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Claire C. May 12, 2016 670 views
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Megan S. May 13, 2016 373 views

How many additional classes would I have to take to become school certified in Speech Pathology?

I'm going to major in Communication Disorders and was wondering how much more schooling is involved for a school certification. #advice #pathologist #speech...


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Megan S. May 13, 2016 460 views

Are all master's programs in Speech Pathology taught by doctoral level professors?

Majoring in Speech Pathology and it's very competitive to get into grad school. #language #pathologist #speech...


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Kayla W. May 20, 2016 438 views

What is Speech-Language Pathology Career like?

I'm interested in the Speech-Language Pathology career and I want to specialize in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing so I can work with kids. #teaching #speech-pathology...


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Amy B. May 22, 2016 499 views

Are the requirements for becoming a speech pathologist the same in every state?

I am planning to study speech pathology, and I know you need to have a master's degree in most states in order to practice. I am wondering if that is the case for all states or if some require additional education or a test to become certified to practice. #speech-pathology...


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Sarah F. May 24, 2016 596 views

How will the college classes I pick help prepare me for my career?

I am an incoming college freshman. I am majoring in communication sciences and disorders because I want to pursuing a career in communications, particularly speech and language pathology. I know there a major specific classes, but I want to know how will those courses I take help prepare me for...

#communications #college #communication #career #speech-pathology

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Tyann M. Oct 23, 2016 412 views

What is the life of a Speech Pathologist/Communication Disorder Specialist like?

I aspire to be a speech therapist and communication disorder specialist. I want to work with people and help them find great ways to communicate their emotions effectively. #communication #speech-pathology #speech...