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If you are an SLP, in what area do you work in and why did you choose that path? Is it a school, hospital, rehab, or private practice atmosphere?

Asked Springfield, Missouri

I am an incoming first year student looking to major in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. #language #speech-pathology #pathologist #speech

3 answers

T.’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I have worked in a variety of settings because I love variety. When I was in the schools, I stayed for 5 years because I grew attached to the kids and admired the dedication of some teachers. I spent 2 years in an early intervention/headstart and then did 3 years in the school age environment ranging from as young as kindergarden to as advanced as middle school.

I progressed to do various areas, such as nursing homes with the older population. I liked them more than the little kids because I get sick very easily when I'm around little kids but not around older adults. And I had more energy at the end of the day when working with older adults vs. little kids. I also worked as a private articulation coach through a consulting group called Speech Tutor. I went into homes and supplemented the free therapy students were already getting at their public schools. Many of them benefited from the extra training to progress out of speech therapy programs before the end of the school year.

I worked in a private practice Neurocognitive Rehabilitation program run by a Speech language pathologist who also had a degree in neuroscience. It was a fascinating experience having clients who were rocket scientists, surgeons, physicians, mathematicians, etc. who had mild traumatic brain injuries and other conditions that warranted reorganizing skills for daily life. It felt good to make a positive difference in their lives.

I worked in a step-down jail facility (HIPPA prevents me from revealing any telling information on the inmates), rehabilitation centers, adult day care centers, step down subacute centers ,transition unit centers, not-for-profit community centers, and private clinic.

I have a friend who currently works at a dental office because she also specializes in myofunctional therapeutic techniques. Her interest was her own discovery of sleep apnea and wanting to manage her airway safely.

My interest continues to grow and I love being in a field that flows like water. If the sidewalk curves you can curve with it discovering an entirely new street!

Janette’s Answer

Updated California, California

I am currently working for a pediatric private practice, but I have also worked in elementary and middle school. I enjoy working with children and helping families. It is also great to see your clients progress and grow!

Some questions you may want to consider are:

Who do I enjoy helping/ working with?

What work schedule or hours fit my needs?

Are benefits important or can I purchase my own?

Do I enjoy working on my own, as part of a team or a combination of the two?

What level of professional autonomy do you like to have ?

Do I enjoy providing a majority of medical-based or educational-based services?

Are you drawn to working with clients with specific backgrounds ( e.g., English Language Learners, children from low socio-economic backgrounds, singers/professional voice users).

Terri’s Answer

Updated Washington

I first worked in a school, then a nursing home, now private practice.

Hi Terri. Any thoughts you could share on why your career path took that route? Is that typical? Common? Would you do it the same way if you could do it again? (you can edit your answer by clicking "edit this answer" in the box above)