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Terri Powell-Brown, DHA(c), MS, CCC-SLP

Chief Executive Officer/Clinical Director PACES Therapy
Management Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Madi’s Avatar
Madi Oct 10, 2018 735 views

Should I shadow a speech therapist before I apply to college or are there privacy issues?


Anna’s Avatar
Anna Mar 24 283 views

What are some of the unpleasant parts of working as a school Speech Language Pathologist?

It is a big decision to become a speech pathologist at the beginning of college and was wondering what are the not as fun parts of being a speech pathologist.

Azra’s Avatar
Azra Mar 18, 2014 1198 views

What are some good colleges where I can major in Speech-Pathology?

I am interested in this career and would like to know which colleges to look into #colleges #majors #speech-pathology

Claire’s Avatar
Claire May 12, 2016 1310 views

If you are an SLP, in what area do you work in and why did you choose that path? Is it a school, hospital, rehab, or private practice atmosphere?

I am an incoming first year student looking to major in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. #language #speech-pathology #pathologist #speech

Megan’s Avatar
Megan May 13, 2016 956 views

Are all master's programs in Speech Pathology taught by doctoral level professors?

Majoring in Speech Pathology and it's very competitive to get into grad school. #language #pathologist #speech #disorders

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 22, 2016 919 views

Are the requirements for becoming a speech pathologist the same in every state?

I am planning to study speech pathology, and I know you need to have a master's degree in most states in order to practice. I am wondering if that is the case for all states or if some require additional education or a test to become certified to practice. #speech-pathology #audiologist

Tyann’s Avatar
Tyann Oct 23, 2016 850 views

What is the life of a Speech Pathologist/Communication Disorder Specialist like?

I aspire to be a speech therapist and communication disorder specialist. I want to work with people and help them find great ways to communicate their emotions effectively. #communication #speech-pathology #speech #speech-language

Melody’s Avatar
Melody Mar 20, 2017 2057 views

Good weekend-only jobs?

Hi. I'm just wondering if anybody knows of some good jobs that can hire people only for the weekends. I'm a college student who already works 20 hours a week at the library so the weekend is all that I can manage. I've been considering applying to restaurants and the like because it seems like...

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 25, 2017 961 views

How often do you update linkedin?

I add my experience on time. Now i don't have many connections and a little people view my profile. I hope use linkedin effectively. #linkedin