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What are some memorable moments that you have being a speech-language pathologist?

I am interested in being a speech-language pathologist, and wanted to know how this field has helped others in their speech and/or confidence. #science #pathologist #speech-language

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you will laugh every day! just recently i was teaching and playing a game about sentence generation using jenna rayburns that's bologna game. we were discussing what it means when someone says that's bologna and one of my students blurts out.....it means you're full of it! those are the things that keep you going...not only was he correct, he showed me that he understood a different level of processing language....good lucn

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I think for personal confidence it helps knowing that you are a specialist in your area and generally the only SLP in the building. It forces you to become more assertive in both making decisions for the students and handling yourself in meetings. The kids are funny at any age- I have worked with kids from Kindergarten to seniors in high school. The work loads are heavy and everyone just keeps having our position wear more and more "hats" but the kids are AMAZING and you definitely learn as much or more from them. Good luck!

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