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What abilities do you need to became a technologist?

I like the technology from my childhood. any technologist tech technology information-technology

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4 answers

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Daniel’s Answer

On top of what everyone said, there's a few more high level things to consider:

Stay Curious: Technology constantly changes and you need to always be curious so that your skillset remains relevancy

Empathy: Having this skillset helps you understand what value you will deliver to the end user and what problem you're solving

Application: It's one thing to learn by reading but the application of the knowledge is what sets you apart.
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Vijay’s Answer

I would say, you need to have interest and skills in the following subjects to varying degree of strength:
Engineering Subjects (Undergrad/Grad)

Curiosity and willingness to learn. Usually, people who read a lot and/or work on their own projects tend to be good technologists.
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Chris’s Answer

In addition to the great answers already provided I would also say having a "systems" mindset is crucial. What I mean by this is as a technologist you might have one focus area. Let's just say enterprise storage. While you want to be an expert in a particular technology where you know all about the speeds/feeds/features/competitors/future/etc. it's almost just as important to have some mid level knowledge about the other pieces of the ecosystem that the technology you want to specialize in interacts with. For instance knowing requirements for network connectivity, especially certain models of a vendor's switch that works better with your storage due to more buffers, more ports, etc. are just some examples. Knowing that a specific piece of software that the customer is using, ex Oracle, works better when you tweak your storage settings (or their software settings) a certain way yields much better performance. Anticipating what backup needs are required as far as speed/capacity/growth to provide some recommendations or guidance are all critical to being a good well rounded technologist.

The point of having some understanding of these other areas is because it lends you greater credibility and believability esp if you are presenting/selling to customers because they see someone that has been there and done that. You become the trusted advisor because you aren't just trying to sell them your vendor "box" to solve their immediate issues but looking at the big picture of how the solution you are proposing could solve a bigger range of issues the customer wasn't even thinking about because again you have the breadth of knowledge that you bring to the table that can give you the competitive advantage.
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Neb’s Answer

STEM Skills / Knowledge. STEM = (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects
Ability to Work as Part of a Team
Strong Analytical Mind
Attention to Detail
Communication Skills
Desire to Learn