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If I were interested in pursuing a nuclear medicine career, what classes do you think I should be taking in high school?

I am a 9th grade student and I am interested in a Nuclear medicine technologist career.

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2 answers

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James’s Answer

An introductory course in nuclear medicine is usually the first course students take in a nuclear medicine program. Subjects covered include radioactive decay, instruments used in nuclear medicine, radiation types, and ways to protect oneself and others from radiation. Nuclear medicine uses biology and physics, and this course covers basic concepts in physical, chemical, and mathematical equations of radioactive decay. Students learn how to calculate radiation exposure and decay to analyze test results.

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Catrell’s Answer

I would encourage your to focus in on general classes at this time to include a solid STEM foundation with your other non-STEM classes . Take top level math through at least calculus, as well as physics, chemistry, and biology in HS and don’t limit your options. Understand the mechanics of the machines and technology used in nuclear medicine. Know the Physics, calculus and biology of nuclear medicine. Why would a future patient need you to be good at your future job? If you have the opportunity, please take honors/AP courses in HS so that you will be challenged before college and easily ready for 101 level courses in college and possibly ready for 201 level college courses. With a solid STEM foundation in HS you can go anywhere in college and beyond. Let a nuclear medicine project be a part of your extra curricular hobbies in HS and find a local mentor (at a hospital or elsewhere) with whom you can collaborate for a junior/senior year thesis project focused on your current love of nuclear medicine. This will also look excellent on your college resume. You might change your mind and land in medical school!!