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Thomas Sutherland

Associate Continuity and Recovery Specialist, CBCP
Detroit, MI
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Ellery B. Jan 16, 2018 348 views

Can you get into a good grad school if you're not going to a notable undergrad?

I want to go to a notable, good graduate school for psychology, but my undergrad school isn't known for psychology. I don't have the money to attend a more notable psychology school for my undergraduate. #psychology...


Jeniel Z.’s Avatar
Jeniel Z. Jan 20, 2018 537 views

Ways to cope with anxiety in college?

I struggle a lot with anxiety in school, especially when I get stressed out. It's been so bad my junior year that I had to drop a lot of extra-curriculars and one of my harder classes. Although it's been slowly getting better, I'm very concerned about the toll it will take on me once I hit...

#college #anxiety-management #stress #mentalhealth #anxiety

Tristian L.’s Avatar
Tristian L. Oct 16, 2020 172 views

What’s the most amount of surgeries you have done in one day?

I’m outgoing and just wanna learn the most I can about surgeons, also I’m trying to become a general surgeon...


emily G.’s Avatar
emily G. Oct 19, 2020 115 views

what’s the hardest part about being a heart surgeon

i am really interested in being a cardiothoracic surgeon when i’m older and i just wanna know more...


emily G.’s Avatar
emily G. Oct 19, 2020 92 views
Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Oct 19, 2020 145 views

What does an average day for a Pediatrician look like?

I am interested in becoming a pediatrician, but I would like to know more. What does a typical day in your life, as a pediatrician, look like? #pediatrician #pediatrics...


Kailey C.’s Avatar
Kailey C. Oct 19, 2020 103 views