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what school can i find a good medical program with good medical majors?

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3 answers

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Mini’s Answer

There are tons of schools with good medical program al lover US

First you need to take premed classes and see if that is what you like

Once then you have to work on your MCAT

Based on the score and your choice you can apply to schools. We are in the process of applying to a medical school for a relative of mine so we are constantly doing analysis on that.

Please check the above link for more details.

As some one said UCSF, University of Washington Seatle, George Washington university, Stanford are some to name a few.

Mini recommends the following next steps:

Do more research on the pre requisite
Figure out your area of interest
Research on the cost and the majors offered.
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Tiffany’s Answer

There are many good medical programs after undergraduate.  Do you have an interest in a particular major or specialty?  Do you have an interest in being located in a particular part of the country?  If not, I'd look up general medical schools with breadth of majors/programs.  Some good ones in California are University of California San Francisco and Stanford University.  The US News and Report has an article -

Tiffany recommends the following next steps:

Read the US News & Report article. Research what field you're interested in online and explore further. Learn about tuition, school size and test scores etc.
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Richard’s Answer

There are plenty of good colleges and medical schools. In general if you are interested in research, you may want to look at the more elite private institutions, such as the Ivy League schools. However if you are interested in clinical practice, a state university may offer the best value