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Career Questions tagged Physicianassistant

Erhiga’s Avatar
Erhiga Oct 28, 2022 265 views

What to do after quitting physician assistant school?

Has anyone quit PA school for med school or something different? What are you up to now and why did you quit? #Fall22!

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 27, 2022 319 views

How can I pick between 3 specialties I really want to do?

I start my first year of Physician Assistant school this fall. I already know I'm interested in pediatrics, behavioral health, and oncology. How can I decide what to do between those 3? #healthcare #medicine #college #medical #pediatrics #psych #oncology #physicianassistant

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 27, 2022 300 views

How can I stay calm and not get overwhelmed my first year in the pre-PA program?

I am a senior in high school and I was accepted to a 5 year Physician Assistant program. The first 3 years are regular classes, the last 2 are my clinicals. How can I manage having a job and completing all of my school work without getting stressed out? #medicine #physicianassistant #college...

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Apr 13, 2021 277 views

What is a better job to pursue, PA or NP?

#medical #PA #nurse #physicianassistant

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Abagail Jan 23, 2021 352 views

Advice for a first generation looking at PA schools

#college-advice #medical-education #college-selection #medical-school #paschool #physicianassistant

Kurt’s Avatar
Kurt Nov 21, 2020 788 views

How difficult will it be to accumulate hours, without a gap year for PA school?

I am a high school senior planning to be a physician assistant. I have been reading that the majority of PAs take a gap year or two to work enough hours for a competitive to PA school. I have also read that some worked their hours in their four years of undergrad. Initially, I was planning to...

Shavone’s Avatar
Shavone Oct 10, 2020 371 views

What is the salary and everyday work routine of a neurpsychologist?

#medicaldoctor #doctor #psychology #physicianassistant #neuroscience #medical #medicine #patients

Kurt’s Avatar
Kurt Jul 16, 2020 507 views

Should I double major in music and microbiology?

I'm a rising senior and I am thinking about becoming a physician assistant. I have been playing french horn since 6th grade and also have a big interest in medicine. The problem is that I am not sure if I should double major in music and mcb or just microbiology. I want to have enough time...

Rashin’s Avatar
Rashin Jul 12, 2020 435 views

How should I look for volunteer opportunities in the medical field?

#medical #medicine #doctor #premed #medical-school #physicianassistant

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam Feb 12, 2020 535 views

How do I get the opportunity to shadow someone?

I want to shadow a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dieticians, and registered nurse (and maybe even a therapist). How do I do that? If anyone is one of the professions in Chicago please let me know if I can shadow you! Also are there any internships in the medical field! Thank you!...

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam Feb 12, 2020 547 views

How do I choose what career is right for me?

#career-choice #medicalfield #career-counseling #physicianassistant
#registerednurse #nursepractitioner

Ruppam’s Avatar
Ruppam Nov 22, 2019 410 views

Is a regular work day for a Physician Assistant as intensive as a Physician(long hours etc.) or does it differ ?

#healthcare #physicianassistant #physician #medicine

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Jul 30, 2019 341 views

I am a second year Physician Assistant student looking to get involved with anti-human trafficking and/or sexual violence victims. Does anybody have any suggestions on where I could reach out to get started? I have reached out to a local shelter and the Salvation Army's local office. Thank you in advance!

#physicianassistant #medicine

Laviniea’s Avatar
Laviniea Jul 01, 2019 559 views

Nurse practitioner vs Physician assistant

This year is my last year in high school. The pressure is on to decide on my future career and my course of action in perusing that job. #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care I’ve always wanted to become and Ob gyn doctor. Recently i’ve been doing...

alejandro’s Avatar
alejandro Aug 24, 2018 482 views

what should i expect in college going in as a freshman?

#biology #physicianAssistant

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Mariah Aug 19, 2018 547 views

What is the difference between a Nurse Practitioner and PA?

I've been stuck between these two majors, and wanted to know more information before choosing. #nursepractitioner #Physicianassistant

Madeleine’s Avatar
Madeleine Jan 19, 2018 477 views

What are some helpful classes to be able to get into Physician Assistant school?

What are some extra classes that could help me in the long run? Also, what are your tips for pursuing this career? #physicianassistant

Uriah’s Avatar
Uriah Sep 01, 2017 819 views

Can I Get Some Info About Education Beyond A Bachelor's?

I really want to be a nurse or PA in a specialized field (Hematology), but I can't find a lot of helpful information from Google when I'm looking at education that goes beyond a Bahelor's degree. I need more information, preferably from a Hematologist or Hematology nurse, caseworker, etc....

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Sep 01, 2017 1228 views

Is becoming a Physician Assistant a wise career choice?

I would like to know this because I am very interested in become a PA but want a little more information about how to become a PA from current Physicians Assistants. I job shadowed a PA this past summer and enjoy what the job entails, but still want more information. #medicine #PA...