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Nurse practitioner vs Physician assistant

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This year is my last year in high school. The pressure is on to decide on my future career and my course of action in perusing that job. #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #hospital-and-health-care I’ve always wanted to become and Ob gyn doctor. Recently i’ve been doing some research and learned about Np’s and Pa’s who can specialize in women’s health and are almost like doctors. However I don’t understand the difference between what their scope of practice are and the schooling required. My plan was to major in chemistry while taking pre med courses for my undergraduate degree then going into a Pa or Np Program. But I don’t know if taking pre med would be the right choice if i wanted to go into either of those careers.
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I'm a current PA student, so feel I can help you with some questions. PAs practice medicine in all medical specialties including OB/GYN, so you could certainly pursue the PA path. Take a look at this link from the American Academy of PAs on steps to become a PA: https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2018/08/6-steps-become-pa/

You could certainly major in chemistry, and not necessarily premed, to qualify to apply to PA programs. In fact, you can major in anything as long as you take all prerequisites courses for the program(s) you want to apply to. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck!