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Sasha J. Aug 12, 2018 238 views

Best PA Programs

What are the best physician assistant programs in the US...


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Cierra B. Jul 25, 2018 253 views

Midwife Nurse & Midwife Physician Assistant

What is the different certification, degree, salary and job duty between a midwife nurse and a midwife physician assistant? #physicians-assistant #nurse #physician #nursing...


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Brenna W. May 22, 2016 557 views

When is a suitable time to start searching for Physcian Assistant schools?

After doing some research I noticed that the requirements for Physician Assistant programs vary a lot according to the instituiton, unlike many other health professional schools. Does that mean it would be more beneficial and time efficient for me to start narrowing down schools earlier during...

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Uriah G. Sep 01, 2017 491 views

Can I Get Some Info About Education Beyond A Bachelor's?

I really want to be a nurse or PA in a specialized field (Hematology), but I can't find a lot of helpful information from Google when I'm looking at education that goes beyond a Bahelor's degree. I need more information, preferably from a Hematologist or Hematology nurse, caseworker, etc....

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RaeAnna T. Jan 24, 2017 749 views

Where should I look to volunteer to gain good experience for my resume to apply to a Physician Assistant graduate program?

Most graduate schools require the potential student to have observation hours. What is the easiest way to gain those? What are other volunteer jobs that would look good on a resume? How should I contact a potential working PA to ask if I can job shadow them? Is job shadowing enough? So, in the...

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Maja G. Jan 26, 2017 4062 views

What else can international physician work in USA without USMLE?

I have international medical degree and 7years experience but want to work ASAP #nurse #physician #nurse-practitioner #medical-research #physicians-assistant #clinical-research...


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RaeAnna T. Jan 24, 2017 445 views

After completing a physician assistant graduate program, what is the entry pay?

Looking ahead, my plan is to be a physician's assistant. How busy are their lives coming out of graduate school and entering the work force? How's the transition? Is starting a family challenging during this phase of life, or is it manageable? What is the entry pay just starting out? Does the...

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RaeAnna T. Jan 23, 2017 493 views

What are some career options that can be pursed with an allied health major (major designed for further education in the medical field) after graduation?

I am a sophomore college student, pursing an allied health degree, with hopes of becoming a Physician assistant. However, after graduation I don't know where to go to pursue a good job before or attending graduate school. #physical-therapist #physicians-assistant...


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Genesis V. Oct 28, 2016 530 views

I would like to become a physician assistant. Which classes should I consider taking in undergrad school?

I would like to become a physician assistant and I'm not sure which classes to take in undergrad school in order to prepare. #medicine #medical-education #physicians-assistant...


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Erin S. Oct 25, 2016 443 views

What is the best major for someone wanting to be a physician's assistant?

Also I am a little confused by come of the requirements for the career as I have been told it is vigorous to get into some programs and requires a lot of volunteer hours. #college-major...


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Alex W. Oct 25, 2016 676 views

PA or Nurse Practitioner?

Of the two which one has a more appealing/promising career path in the next 10 years? #nurse-practitioner...


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Alex W. Oct 25, 2016 580 views

Daily tasks of a PA?

Wondering what a day looks like for a physician assistant in both hospitals and offices. #healthcare #hospital...


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Cheska H. Oct 25, 2016 1541 views

Should I go for Physician Assistant or to be a Dental Hygienist

I am going for a bachelors degree but I am debating on which one to take. What do you think would be the best choice to a successful future? My heart is leaning more towards Dental Hygienist, however, in the state I currently live in, they do not have enough clinics for dental hygienist so the...

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Janelle B. Oct 21, 2016 482 views

What are the best pre-requisite courses to take (as in types of sciences, maths, etc.) in order to prepare for a medical career?

I specifically want to become a radiologist technician, physician assistant, or registered nurse. I am the youngest of my family, and I want to be the first to attend a university. I need all the help I can get to ensure my success in the future. Thank you very much. #medicine #university...

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Brittany W. May 28, 2016 1982 views

Can you have a career as a Physician Assistant outside the United States?

I am a Biology Major, currently attending Florida Atlantic University. I plan to attend a PA program after I graduate college. I would like to work in a developing country, ideally somewhere in Africa. I was recommended to join the Peace Corps, however, I know little about it. Any thoughts?...

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Brittany W. May 28, 2016 812 views

How do I become a Physician Assistant in the Navy?

Does the Navy have PA programs? Or do you join the Navy after graduating from a PA program? I am still in college and was just wondering what options I might have with a career as a Physician Assistant. #college #medicine #pre-med #physician #physicians-assistant...


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Mandy H. May 26, 2016 552 views

Should I double major at the same time or finsh one of them first?

I am interested in two majors, however, they are completely different fields. I want to become a teacher, but also a PA in the future. Many advisors have told me to choose one for now, but how do I decide which one. Help! #educator #double-major...


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Ayano S. May 15, 2016 622 views

For a Physician's Assistant would having a biology degree allow you to have the best chance of getting into PA school and get you prepared for that career or would a degree in something more healthcare centered be more ideal?

I am a senior in high school and I will be going to college next year on a basketball scholarship. I have been guided towards the biology route because counselors have told me that would help me get into PA school. I am just nervous about deciding I don't want to go to graduate school and...

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Olivia F. Apr 09, 2015 761 views
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Maria G. Jan 26, 2015 939 views

What is the requierment to become a doctor nurse assistant

I'm currently attending in high school and I want to research about nurse doctor assistant #doctor #nurse...


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Darby F. Dec 17, 2014 805 views

Are the education programs for a medical assistant similar to nursing?

I'm a senior in high school and I want to know if the tasks for being a medical assistant is similar to being a nurse. #nursing #medicine #healthcare #hospital #physicians-assistant...