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Should I double major at the same time or finsh one of them first?

I am interested in two majors, however, they are completely different fields. I want to become a teacher, but also a PA in the future. Many advisors have told me to choose one for now, but how do I decide which one. Help! #educator #double-major #physicians-assistant

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2 answers

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Wael’s Answer

For starters take a couple of online career tests. These tests would be a good indicator if you are on the right track or not. Regarding the careers, they are very different and you can't follow them both at the same time. I think you need to read more about these careers and combine that knowledge with the answer you got from your career tests to come a conclusion.

Online career tests:

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Andrea’s Answer


You may not have to choose between these careers. If you become a Physician Assistant, it's highly likely you'll have the opportunity to precept or teach other PA students during your career. PA schools are always looking for PA professionals to help precept students on rotations. Your last year of PA school is essentially all clinical rotations. While on rotation, you will work with physicians, residents, medical students and other PAs. PAs are often great mentors and preceptors for PA students. I worked at an urgent care practice where we almost always had a PA student or medical student with us; so teaching can be part of your regular clinical work if you enjoy having students with you. Also, there are full-time faculty positions with PA programs, where you teach PA students on a full-time basis. So my point is you may not have to choose, you may be able to combine both of your interests into one career path.