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Should I go for Physician Assistant or to be a Dental Hygienist

I am going for a bachelors degree but I am debating on which one to take. What do you think would be the best choice to a successful future? My heart is leaning more towards Dental Hygienist, however, in the state I currently live in, they do not have enough clinics for dental hygienist so the competition here is really tough. On the other hand, to be a Physician Assistant is more complicated in my perspective, a lot more difficult subjects to take but they have positions here for the job. psychology nursing healthcare physician dentistry japan dental-hygienist physicians-assistant dental-hygiene

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2 answers

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Hwal’s Answer

Hi Cheska,

I see your question is from more than a year ago but I just found it. What have you decided to do with your bachelor's? I'm about to start my physician assistant program so I have lots to say about it, but I'd say that for you, it can be most important to think about what you really enjoy and want to do as a career. It sounds like you already have good general information on what you need to do for either career.

Good luck!


Hwal recommends the following next steps:

List the career options you're considering
List the pros and cons for each career option
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Paul’s Answer

In your lifetime Physician assistant will pay you more over your career. The training will certainly as you mentioned be quite rigorous. Both career choices will be rewarding and offer you job security.