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Career Questions tagged Campuslife

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Oct 09, 2018 401 views

Live on campus or commute?

I am planning on attending a college near me, and I am currently trying to decide if it would be in my best interest to commute to that college or live on campus. It is my understanding that commuting is cheaper, and that's a huge pro for me, however, I am afraid I will not get the experience...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 09, 2018 500 views

What are the pros/cons of living at school vs. commuting. #campuslife #trafficjam

I want to live at School, my pocketbook says I have to commute. I live 45 minutes from campus on a no traffic, best case scenario commute. I am concerned about the time, stress and safety of this twice daily commute and will talk to my advisor about maximizing classes on certain days so as not...

Kinzie’s Avatar
Kinzie Mar 21, 2018 355 views

Is it better to live on campus when you attend college?

Most colleges I've checked out give you the option to live on campus , everyone says living on campus is better.#campuslife

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Mar 05, 2018 405 views

How quickly will you adjust to finding your way around a college campus?

I’m worried about getting physically lost and not knowing where I am going, and therefore being late or missing a class. How quickly do you get the hang of it? And what are some tips for learning your way around? #campuslife