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Career Questions tagged Kindergarten

Iyanna’s Avatar
Iyanna May 05 108 views

What type of degree will I need to be a kindergarten teacher?

I am a 12th grader in New York and I was wondering what degree I'll need and how long I'll be in college for to obtain the degree(s)

Iyanna’s Avatar
Iyanna May 05 134 views

What are the requirements to be a kindergarten teacher in nyc?

I am a 12th grader living in New York looking to be a kindergarten teacher. I was wondering what type of schooling I'll need in order to be one.

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Dec 18, 2014 1501 views

What are personal stories of success or struggles that you have gone through while teaching?

I am a senior in high school and I am genuinely interested in becoming a Kindergarten teacher. I am asking this question to individual people who are or have been teachers. I am just wondering if there are any stories that you could share about a moment when you felt successful, or felt like...

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Nov 21, 2014 982 views

What is it like being a kindergarden teacher?

I love children and i want to be a teacher. I am thinking about teaching younger kids but am not sure. #teacher #educator #kindergarten