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How can I start becoming a successful writer?

I am in high school and have discovered an unknown talent for writing #creative-writing #writing #writer

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Matthew’s Answer

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to keep on writing. Creative juices need nurtured, and if you fall out of the habit of developing your skills and ideas then it may take a while to get back into the groove.

I had a wonderfully creative phase for a couple of years and would often take notes aboit ideas, poem lines that I liked, doodles or diagrams - notes, you know? And I received feedback from others that it was strange behavior, and I took that to heart and grew self-conscious of the habit. Eventually I stopped.

That’s nonsense and I regret stopping the habit. It sort of cut off the creative energy and it took a long while to get back into that mindset.

I don’t have any professional advice for you except the usual “Stay organized”, maybe maintain a blog or a subreddit or a website with your work. Maybe seek out creative writing challenges or competitions? You could self-publish some stuff, if only to say that you did.

I recognize that this isn’t very firm advice. Really just wanted to encourage you to keep up with your content creation.

Thank you very much for the advice! It was helpful and it motivates me to keep pushing toward my goal. Thank you! Marquis J.