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Bryan L. Sep 14, 2021 152 views

How does a college degree influence your college choices?

#college #career

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Patrick M. Sep 14, 2021 196 views

Why do jobs require you to have a degree?

#job #student #school #career

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Matthew Q. Sep 14, 2021 206 views

How necessary are school extracurricular activities in the journey of pursuing a career?

#career #extracurricular

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Jefferson M. Jun 11, 2021 411 views

What are some jobs that have coding as one of the components of the work?

I am in high school, I've always loved math and want to get into coding since it looks fun and can help you do many cool things. #coding #technology #math #computer-science

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Marquis J. Jun 11, 2021 342 views

How can I start becoming a successful writer?

I am in high school and have discovered an unknown talent for writing #creative-writing #writing #writer

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Katelyn B. Jun 07, 2021 165 views

Career Goal?

My career goal is to make sure that I am just happy where I am and I am in a stable position. #career

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Jabria R. Jun 04, 2021 301 views

How do pharmacist stay up to date with new drugs and other trends affecting this profession?

I want to grow up and become a pharmacist, I have learned that the salary for a pharmacist in Florida is around $122,540 per year. Also I want to be able to help people get their medication for any type of diseases they have. #medicine #healthcare

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Beth M. May 21, 2021 243 views

Did you participate in any organizations that you would recommend?

#Psychology #Health #Recommendations

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nadia F. May 24, 2021 166 views

should I be more interested in fashion design school ?

#fashion-designer #design

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Andiswa S. May 20, 2021 205 views

What are the difficulties of being a psychologist?


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Yaohong L. May 25, 2021 367 views

What do nutrition means to nutritionist?

#medical #any
Please answer!!!!

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Chasity K. Jun 03, 2021 211 views

How much does a pediatric surgeon make ?

#surgeon #pediatrician

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Angel B. Jun 01, 2021 263 views

What does the daily life of a doctor look like.

I just want to know for research purposes. #hospital #clinical-psychology #counseling #emergency-room #neurology #doctor #medicine

Brionna P.’s Avatar
Brionna P. Jun 02, 2021 178 views

What's the worst kind of client to deal with?

I want to provide the best advice and legal aid to my clients as I can. #lawyers

Tamekia B.’s Avatar
Tamekia B. May 28, 2021 119 views

Do you love eing a dermatologist or do you want to change your career?

Planning for the future...#dermatologist