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What does the daily life of a doctor look like.

I just want to know for research purposes. hospital clinical-psychology counseling emergency-room neurology doctor medicine

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Matthew’s Answer

You should consider reaching out to doctors or specialists in your area. Ask your parents for your insurance information/provider, use their website's Service Provider Search feature/thing to look up professionals in your area, and make some calls to ask - respectfully - if they would be interested in answering some questions. You'll probably find someone eventually with 10-30 minutes free sometime to talk and answer your questions about their industry, either in-person or over the phone.

Truly, the more I put myself out there and make an effort to meet people, the more that I realize how much people enjoy talking about themselves and their work and their education. Just be honest and polite and eager and respectful of their time.

Plus, next time you have a routine checkup with a medical professional, just ask them questions during the exam. Small talk, you know?

Good luck!