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San Francisco, California
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I aspire to be a software developer or a mechanical engineer (may change in a year or two). Update: Want to do something with CAD.


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Matthew Feb 21 238 views

What soft skills are generally important in careers?

When I mean soft skills, I mean skills like teamwork, communication, etc.

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Matthew Mar 25, 2022 295 views

What's your advice on choosing a college major?

What factors should dictate someone's choice on what they're majoring?

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Matthew Mar 25, 2022 436 views

How does one keep brainstorming innovating ideas?

This is just a general thing. It could be something related to life or career.

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Matthew Jan 28, 2022 267 views

What habits do you think are necessary in order to be successful in life?

#student #time-management

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Matthew Jan 28, 2022 286 views

What qualities do you look for in a friend or coworker?

#social-life #social #work #counseling #college #psychology

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Matthew Oct 05, 2021 261 views

When a person is losing sight of their goals, how does one stay motivated to keep pursuing their aspirations?

I'm currently not in the predicament, but I need to be prepared for the future. #lifestyle #mentality #mental

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Matthew Sep 14, 2021 288 views

How necessary are school extracurricular activities in the journey of pursuing a career?

#career #extracurricular