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What are the difficulties of being a psychologist?

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2 answers

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Janet’s Answer

As said before there are many areas of psychology. To work in any area though it is very important to understand yourself as much as you can. You should continually ask yourself why you react or think about situations and people as you do. An example might be that you react strongly to injustice in a situation because you have been mistreated. However your reaction and advice might not be what your client needs. You have to learn to listen carefully and try to learn what the client can do. Another difficulty is maki g sure that you do not overwork yourself. We cannot solve all problems. We can help but we are not useful unless we are healthy: well rested and taking care of ourselves by eating exercising and grooming correctly.
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Matthew’s Answer

Any Intro to Psych class that you take will tell you that Psychology is a very broad field comprised of many different professions. I'm assuming that you're talking about being a therapist of sorts.

If that's the case, separating your work from your personal life is probably a big struggle. Depending on the types of clients you're talking to and the problems that they're having I could see you getting low-key traumatized by association.

But separating work stress from your personal life is a thing in every profession. It's an important skill.

Just food for thought!