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Retired Bilingual School Psychologist
Chicago, Illinois
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Molly’s Avatar
Molly Mar 12, 2019 479 views

What are some reasons to be a psychologist?

#psychology #psychologist I am in 11th grade and i am interested in psychology, I want to know some reasons why i should be a psychologist.

Andiswa’s Avatar
Andiswa May 20, 2021 220 views

What are the difficulties of being a psychologist?


Alexia’s Avatar
Alexia Sep 17, 2020 604 views

Is a community college financially smarter than a university?

Just wondering. #education

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah Sep 24, 2019 415 views

if you want to work with young kids what is the best major?

i'm cool and funny #education

ngimphiwe’s Avatar
ngimphiwe Jun 08, 2021 329 views

how to be an astrophysicist

i want to be an astrophysicist it better to be your self so i want to be me . #education

jay’s Avatar
jay Oct 27, 2020 194 views

is being a school principal something hard to do. Also is the job worth it? how much do you get paid? #school principal

#School Principle #schools

hinari’s Avatar
hinari May 03, 2019 348 views

how many credit do i need to graduate


Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jul 06, 2019 499 views

What if I am not sure what I want to do when I graduate?


Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Jul 29, 2020 354 views

What are the main things colleges look at when deciding who to admit?

I care a lot about school and my future. I also tend to do well in school. #graduate-school #school

JaMorris’s Avatar
JaMorris Aug 31, 2018 497 views

Tips on staying focused in School

#school #schooling

Kayden’s Avatar
Kayden Nov 05, 2020 187 views

change school in college

If we go to a college that you assumed that you liked can you switch to a different school or do you have to go through the year to switch #schools

Paiton’s Avatar
Paiton Oct 29, 2020 254 views

What is something you wish you would've known before becoming a psychiatrist?

#psychologist #psychiatrist

Cole Pugh’s Avatar
Cole Pugh Oct 23, 2020 270 views

How does finding your job and going through an internship as a Psychologist go?

Hello I'm a sophomore and I was thinking of becoming a Psychologist and counsel those who need help. I am confused on the entire job search and how to go into an internship. #job-search #psychology #internships #psychologist

Clarissa’s Avatar
Clarissa May 19, 2016 1681 views

What jobs can you get with a bachelors in psychology while your going for a masters in forensic psychology?

I plan on working while getting my masters in forensic psychology, and I want to know what jobs to look for. #psychology #clinical-psychology #social-psychology #forensic-psychology #moral-psychology

kenley’s Avatar
kenley Oct 19, 2020 483 views

what is the average lifestyle for a psychologist

#psychologist #clinical-psychology #moral-psychology #forensic-psychology #psychologist #clinical