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Miami, Florida
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I want to be a pharmacist who works at any hospital or any other healthcare facilities. I want to be able to help become become better with their life if needed so being a pharmacist will be good for me.



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Jabria Jun 04, 2021 334 views

What is the average age of a Pharmacist?

#pharmaceuticals #financial-planning

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Jabria Jun 04, 2021 362 views

What is a day in the life of a Pharmacist like?

#medicine #pharmacist

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Jabria Jun 04, 2021 324 views

How do pharmacist stay up to date with new drugs and other trends affecting this profession?

I want to grow up and become a pharmacist, I have learned that the salary for a pharmacist in Florida is around $122,540 per year. Also I want to be able to help people get their medication for any type of diseases they have. #medicine #healthcare

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Jabria Jun 02, 2021 208 views

How do you ensure patients are properly educated about their medications?

#pharmasist #career

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Jabria May 24, 2021 1199 views

What are some benefits of being an orthodontist?

#dentistry #orthodontist

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Jabria May 20, 2021 597 views

What are the main responsibilities as a pharmacist?

I am an incoming 12th grader who is interested in being a pharmacist, I am very hardworking and I am ready to pursue my career. #pharmacist