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How does a college degree influence your college choices?

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3 answers

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Haven’s Answer

The college you attend will impact the type of experience and education you will get out of it. Some colleges offers internships and study away opportunities for their students while others do not. As a result, a student who attends a college and earns a degree in kinesiology, but has no internship may be passed for a job compared to a student who had an internship and studied-away. This is because employers see that the latter student has more experience and has a wider and more inclusive learning that suggest that student has more to offer to the employer. Ultimately, my best advice to you is choose a college that offers opportunities to earn more than just your degree: find a college that offers ways to enhance your professional experience and learning that will benefit you in your career.
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Matthew’s Answer

The quality of a your degree at the college you're interested in is certainly important! Some schools guarantee you placement in an internship for some of their programs - that sounds nice. If you're interested in a specific field of research, you may be attracted to a certain school or program because they're recognized in that field.
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Kamron’s Answer

I think this is a fairly important factor in the decision-making process! I think it goes hand in hand with how much you enjoy the campus and the atmosphere because remember, you will have to live in this place for about 4 years! If you don't enjoy the environment, it could possibly take a toll on your learning experience. However, if you go to a school that doesn't have your degree, you might regret the decision and wish you had done otherwise.

Overall, weigh your options and don't rush the decision. At the end of the day, you want a place where you feel comfortable, you feel you can learn a lot, and you feel you can grow as an individual!

Best of luck to you!