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sebastian Sep 29 97 views

Most important thing for college applications

i am a junior right now and i am wondering what is the most important action i need for college applications like extracurriculars, high GPA, sports, good college essay, etc.

Valentina ’s Avatar
Valentina May 19, 2016 759 views

Would it be bad to get a bachelor's degree at a state college instead of a university?

I live about 20 minutes away from a state college that offers a bachelor's degree in Biology. That is what I plan to major in regardless of what school I to attend. I would rather go to a state college because I can live at home and I will save about 40,000 dollars, if I attend the state...

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Genevieve Aug 16 164 views

Creative Writing Certificates

Are there any creative writing certificate programs for those who are not pursing a degree in writing? Are there any from an accredited university/college? Are there any certificate programs that are online?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Jul 13 129 views

What is the best area to study if I want to teach English and Literature in college?

I am interested in becoming a college Literature professor. I am almost complete with my Master in Literature and I would like to know what steps I should take next when pursuing my PHD in Literature. Would it be best to focus on a general English, general literature, or should I narrow it to a...

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supyae May 01 177 views

I'm a secondary 2 student in my country. So, which subjects should I take in IGCSE to become a writer or a psychologist? Can you suggest one for me between computer science and biology?

Could you give me suggestions for my life and career? I really appreciate each of your suggestions. Thank you very much!!

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Zoe Mar 11 169 views

How do you come up with a good plot for your story?

say I was in the middle of writing a story, and I already had all of my characters and setting . How then would I come up with a plot line in which to use said characters?

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Mar 02 154 views

What degree do I need to have to be a writer?

#writing #degree

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Mar 02 151 views

What is the most difficult part about being a writer?

#writing #author

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Feb 23 170 views

What kinds of things are publishers not going to like?

If I gave a publisher my fantasy story, what kinds of things would he like or dislike?

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Feb 09 167 views

What college shound I go to if I want to become a writer in the future?

I'm in 10th grade at Spectrum High School and I've been interested in writing for a while. I've written so many stories throughout the years and it makes me happy just putting my thoughts and feelings into a story for people to read and enjoy. #Writing

David’s Avatar
David Nov 19, 2021 431 views

What skills that requires me to become a writer?

#writing #author

Sid’s Avatar
Sid Dec 01, 2021 215 views

How to get better at remembering words in English type it.

Saying words is english is easy but writing it can be hard need more practice. #english #writing

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Nov 05, 2021 326 views

What are the pros and cons of living on and off campus?

Which would be more convenient financially and environmentally? #college #dorms #college-advice #college-life

Xiaohui’s Avatar
Xiaohui Oct 05, 2021 250 views

I wonder to know how much I can earn if I were interesting in writing career?

I am a high school student. I like to writing a lot during my free time. I had taken a lot of writing class while learning in high school. #writer #writing

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Oct 06, 2021 227 views

How do you stay motivated or make yourself do something?

I'm a senior in high school, and applying for colleges and writing responses for PIQs has been a struggle. Everyday, I know I need to do them but I can't find myself to get up and actually do them. I try to have a positive outlook on them, but I still feel the dread and pressure of doing it. It...