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Leo A. Apr 03, 2018 285 views

Is it hard for a foreigner that went to American Law School to find work?

I'm an undergraduate at UT Austin currently on a student visa and I think I want to go to Law School but I don't know if it'll be easy to find work since I would need the workplace to sponsor an H1-B visa or a Greencard for me to stay in America. Does anybody relate to this situation or know...

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Edrisina S. Jan 10, 2018 239 views

What kind of people would mainly hire photographers?

I am in highschool in the Bay Area and I am curious about eventually pursuing a career in photography. I am wondering what kind of employers generally would take on a budding photographer. #photographer...


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Melissa A. Feb 17, 2017 514 views

How do employer's really see an applicant with a disability?

I have a tracheotomy and although I am familiar with the laws pertaining to those who are disabled, do employers actually consider hiring you if you are disabled in the back of their minds? I have been out of work for a while due to my issue, but finally have the situation under control. I...

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