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Ruth T. Jan 16, 2018 201 views

How did you complete a science college degree as an adult?

I am pursuing a science degree after taking a few years away from school. Knowing science and math are subjects that build up on material, what advice or tips are available to get up to speed? #back-to-school #nontraditional #college #science...


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Kathryn T. Jan 16, 2018 200 views

I went Back to college at age 37. How do I manage my marriage and family without it falling apart while I study?

I’m worried my kids will be mad that I’m not spending enough time with them. #work-life-balance #parenting...


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Alexandra C. Nov 25, 2017 368 views

Can you attend a 4-year school and be recruited for sports as a nontraditional student?

On behalf of a friend, I'm wondering if it's possible to be recruited for college athletics *and* earn a bachelor's degree as a nontraditional student. My friend is 24 and has experience in two sports. He has previously earned a 2-year degree from a technical college but is considering going...

#sports #college #recruiting #nontraditional #college-admissions #scholarships