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Career Questions tagged Adult Education

Danni’s Avatar
Danni Apr 12, 2018 946 views

Would someone graduating at 40 with their first degree in civil engineering have a chance in the workforce?

Is it sensible or feasible (or how does the outlook seem in general) to get one's first degree at 40 as a civil engineer? (Entering college at 35, graduating at 40) Would potential employers be biased against an "old" newbie, making it impossible to pay off school debt at such a late date...

Ruth’s Avatar
Ruth Jan 16, 2018 804 views

How did you complete a science college degree as an adult?

I am pursuing a science degree after taking a few years away from school. Knowing science and math are subjects that build up on material, what advice or tips are available to get up to speed? #back-to-school #nontraditional #college #science #adult-education

David’s Avatar
David Jan 16, 2018 606 views

What are the challenges of pursuing a career in adult education with disabilities?

Adult education with disabilities and the challenges involved
#adult-education #disabilities #career

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Jan 09, 2014 2192 views

What Courses Should I take in grade 11 for Commerce?

I want to know what is a good plan for me. #ecommerce #adult-education