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Hello.I would like to apply for bachelor degree in Austria.So I would like to choose International Logistics.

So but I dont know where it whould be better.In a big city like Vienna (BFI FH WIEN) or small city i would say very small Steyr.(FH Steyr)So what do you thing?thank you for your time or and yes what do you think about my profession? #education-management

International Logistics tends to work a lot with international organizations, such as the United Nations and OPEC. It would be very impressive and great to get an internship or later get a job at these organizations. I believe that universities in Vienna, rather than the smaller cities, would give you a better opportunity to have a better academic experience in international logistics. Ramtin M.

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Hector’s Answer

First of all, do you like Logistics? When choosing a career, pick the one you like, not the one that will give you more or less money. If you make a million a day, but when the alarm clock tells you time to get up, you start complaining to go to work, the million a day is not worth. If you jump out of bed at least glad to go to work, then making a lesser salary is perfect.
Now, to Logistics. This involves routing the transportation of a company the best possible way, taking advantage of the plans you make to avoid extra cost of fuel as well as some other factors to consider. I worked years ago as a temp in a logistics company that had several ships, and I remember I saw the way they planned their ships' routes to pick and deliver cargo, and I do something similar in my day to day activities when I get into my car to run several errands. I plan my trip to avoid big traffic, and use the shortest possible route.

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David’s Answer

Hi Sirius! It's totally a matter of personal preference (big city vs small.) Personally, I would recommend applying to both and then you can decide based on which one you get into. And, if you get into both, fantastic! Then you can visit both, and see which is a better fit for you.

Thank you my friend Sirius B.

You're welcome! David DiGiammarino BACKER