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What does a Masters in Education Management entail?

What is the Master all about and what career options do I have upon graduation? #career #education #higher-education #masters #education-management

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4 answers

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Troy’s Answer

Good day,

Very nice to hear your courage of considering a masters degree in Education Management.

Honestly I only hold a Bachelors but can tell you that it is a great degree if you are wanting to get into education and move up to a administrator or become a specialist or manager. Most all of these positions require a masters degree and you will stand out if you have one.

My brother got his masters in a different subject however expressed the quality of the challenge with lots of reading and original writing and reflecting on your compositions with a great case to back up your thesis.

I believe you would benefit greatly from better yourself and preparing to become an educational leader. I wish you the best with your self enrichment journey wherever it may take you!


Troy Golba

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Aimee’s Answer

I have not heard for the Master of Education Management, but I did complete my Masters in Higher Education Administration at Northeastern University.

This program offered core courses in the history of higher education, finance, and management, as well as electives in different areas. I focused on student affairs because that is what I am most passionate about. For many colleges, a master’s degree is a requirement for anything over an entry level position, but not all colleges.

I chose to go back and get my masters because I wanted to have a better understanding of higher education administration as a whole, not just from my experience at my college, and I also wanted the flexibility to be able to apply for positions at any school I wanted to work for, whether they require a masters degree or not.

I hope this helps!

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Tracey’s Answer


A master's in education administration or leadership can open doors for certification in being a school administrator within the K12 world. As another responder indicated, there is a degree path in higher education administration, which would direct your path toward college and university administrative roles.

From my experience, I chose an M.Ed. program that allowed me to conduct a research study (thesis). Some programs offer options in lieu of completing a thesis. My research experience at the master's level contributed to my desire to pursue a Ph.D. in education administration at the University of Virginia. With my doctorate and experience as a high school teacher and assistant principal, I was able to work as a faculty member at three different universities. Currently, I am working for a state agency in Texas the oversees higher education.

There are many master's options other than education administration to consider, i.e., master's in organizational behavior, human resource development, etc., that may be of interest to you. I would encourage you to explore a wide variety of options, drilling down into the courses offered at various higher education institutions.

All the best in your search!

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Kelly’s Answer

You must mean a master degree in Mid Management. Most school districts have this written into their administrative job descriptions but those getting this degree also has a emphasis on being a principal, curriculum instructor and even a superintendent of schools. However, you may have a master degree and return to school to get these certifications separately.