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Growing up abroad, all my teachers were international teachers from England, but my question is how does one become an international teacher from America?

I would like to teach my subject of expertise in International Schools around the world.

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I would agree with other person's response on qualify with certain degrees or certifications to teach abroad in the world. So, need some college and experience with working with children, volunteer with children, or even babysitting skills/part time job in field with daycares or preschools help and you can start off to learn about children. Peace corps, local schools, missions, and etc are many ways to look into down the road. If you wanting to learn, how to do this, depending on what you have done in life, some advice would be basics on going or checking out Babysitting skills, volunteer, or resources at your local YMCA or schools, etc., such as CPR, training too. Also, ask neighbors,school, library resources, on getting name out to pursue in this area. Beth Spiller

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4 answers

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Chikamso’s Answer

Its so cool that you appreciate the inter-nationality of your teachers but if you dont mind me asking, what about being an international teacher appeals to you? It might be worth it to dig a little deeper into that. However, there are many teaching programs where you can teach students from other countries(like UAE government schools, Teach Away, CIEE, EPIC, etc.)either directly or remotely ( like VIP kids and Dada). A quick google search should help you with how credible some of these programs are before you invest in them.



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H. Michael’s Answer

Working abroad these days, especially for an American is not as safe as it once was, but the process of being an “international” teacher is as simple as applying for the job, get interviewed and get hired. Much of the application and interview process can be done electronically. Consider who hosts/sponsors the international school, and what cultural considerations need to be sorted out. Christian mission organizations are sponsoring international schools, and the opportunity improves if you share membership in their particular denomination. Government hosted schools are a bit different, as they typically service Americans abroad (your experience?) where they primarily service families of government employees. Other non-American government sponsored schools, like Dubai, work through agencies to recruit American and other English-speaking teachers. Do some googling and get on some discussion forums with members that are doing or exploring the same goals and get to know who the reputable programs are. Sorry that I can’t help much more than that.

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Haetham’s Answer

Very good question! Aside from the professional skills and requirements neccessary for teaching abroad, cultural awareness, cultural competence, and intercultural communication skills are crucial for this job. Learning about the cultural practices, history, and the social and political system of any country you intend to teach at, are all important factors to enhance your oulooks. You have to be creative and open to expand your horizon to implement different strategies when you teach abroad because people possess different learning styles, and what counts as “ knowledge” in one society might be different in another. It is a very worthy and rewarding challenge. Good luck!

Haetham recommends the following next steps:

Familiarize your self with the requirements of teaching abroad for both the United States and the intended country you would like to teach at
Study topics in teaching English or other subjects in different country e.g, Teaching English as a Second Language or Bicultural and Bilingual Education.

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Esther’s Answer

Often times, you still have to meet general requirements to teach abroad as you will in order to teach in the U.S. It also depends on the subject you want to teach. One of the most popular teach abroad subjects I have found it to teach English. Even Disney has an English teaching program in China. Try Googling "Teach English Abroad" and you will find multiple websites that can connect you to English teaching jobs in other countries.