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Juliana S. Jan 17, 2018 374 views

What is the Best Road to Success in the Educational Field?

The Educational Field has attracted me significantly ever since I was young. I love the idea of giving children knowledge in a fun and dynamic classroom environment. I even would dream (and still dream) about starting my own school! I know everyone has to start small in order to achieve big...

#career-path #teaching #education-management #educational-leadership #career-planning #k-12-education

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David H. Jan 24, 2018 497 views

Would it be rude to tell my teacher to stop smoking, if not, how can I put it as gently as possible?

She is an amazing teacher who knows a great deal. She has control of the class and makes learning effective but her breath and classroom smells of cigarettes and coffee. For her well being I want her to stop smoking and in turn help me and my classmates learn better without worrying about...

#education-management #education #student #school-counseling #counselor #morality

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Sarah W. Mar 20, 2018 379 views

What is it like to start your own school?

I'm in school to become a teacher, and I can see the current school culture becoming more and more stressful for students. Eventually I want to start my own school. Where are some good places to go to find out what I need to get a school started? #school #entrepreneurship #education-management...


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Hallie D. May 15, 2018 329 views

Why are education programs so different from state to state?

Looking to go into the education field. #college #education...