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How can I get my future students to feel confident in front of the classroom?

As an Education Major, I've notice throughout my many field experiences I've notice many students are shy in the classroom because they've either developed a fear of embarrassment, failure or being bullied by peers. It's also know that this time in their life is common to feel these emotions because of the idea of being accepted by. As an future educator, I want my students to feel confident when presenting and or asking a question in the classroom, even if their information maybe wrong. But, how? #educational-leadership #love-for-job #confidence

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4 answers

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Milly’s Answer

I recently attended a workshop where a teacher shared tips on how to get students comfortable presenting in front of the class. the tips shared were: Prepare in advance for the big day of presentation by pairing the students in a small group of 4 the first week. During this session the students can just share with each other the topic; not very long, Then the following week add 2 more to the group (6) and student shares more on their outline etc. Then the 3rd week add more students (8-10) and each student shares a little more on their presentation. The last week the groups get a bigger and the students can do a pre mock presentation. By presentation day, the students should feel more comfortable with each other and hopefully less shy to share in front of their peers. Hope this helps!

Your answer is great Milly, thanks so much for sharing your expertise! At this moment there are more than 800 unanswered questions so I wanted to encourage you to keep going! So many students will benefit tremendously from hearing from you. Keep up the great work! Jordan Rivera COACH

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David’s Answer

Public speaking is one of all people's greatest fears but is probably the most important skill an individual can develop to be successful in business and academics. I believe the best starting point is to assign people the opportunity to speak to a subject they are knowledgable about, and really enjoy. I think a mistake educators make in developing public speaking and presentation skills is they force students to speak about subjects they may not be interested or confident in. I would assign speaking subjects based upon interests, hobbies, speaking about topics students respect and why. Allowing them to start speaking with authenticity and from the heart will reduce stress.

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Simon’s Answer

My son is an Middle School teacher and has held seminars throughout the county on classroom management and is writing a book on the subject right now. From talking to him, reading his book and also being one who did not like being infront of large groups myself, I’d suggest... Start small....by having students stand to answer questions. Start easy.... ask questions that are easy to answer and pick the shy one to answer. Be supportive. Move to short responses in front of the class. Build up from there into small speeches or presentations. Always be supportive and encouraging. I used this technique with engineers who needed more confidence when presenting their projects to plants and management. Good luck.

I have to concur, small successful steps create strong confident students who are ready willing and able to present. My children were educated in the Montessori system which does just this, regular presentations that are small manageable opportunities that not only become the norm but are exciting opportunities each student wants to do. Jeanet Lamoca, CPCC, PCC

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Estelle’s Answer

I agree with above, start small. Have the students stand and deliver short answers. Then practice, practice, practice. Assign regular small projects in which the students will need to deliver a message to the classroom.