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McKenzie R. Aug 28, 2018 134 views
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What's the best site for scholarships?

I'm a high school Senior and I need as many scholarships as I can because we are in need of financial aid but we are not U.S. Permanent residents yet, so we need as much help as we can. #visa #U.S. #high school #help #high-school-students...


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Emily F. Aug 15, 2018 185 views
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Maria M. Mar 07, 2018 215 views

Why is PreCalculus hard for some people and not for others?

I am asking because a lot of people in my class are struggling in it except for a few people. #math , #high...

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eyshea M. Apr 18, 2017 689 views
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What can I expect from college, and how can I prepare for it?

I will be going to college next fall, and I'm not sure what to expect. Many of my friends who are in college tell me conflicting stories. Some of them say that they are having a great time and they go out a lot. Some of them tell me that it is very hard academically and that they often spend...

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Dierra R. Oct 30, 2016 467 views

How will the knowledge one learns, and the experience one has change the lives of other people and create a better community, so there's more unity instead of isolation if someone were to study psychology counseling?

From a person who likes to observe someone's mental mind, how would knowing the mind, and knowing why someone does what they do help them in the future and make them become a better person. How will talking to someone and hearing their problems help you become a better person? How can sympathy...

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