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Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
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Mike yesterday 252 views

What are the career paths of a python developer?

I am into python development

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Ashle 2 days ago 317 views

What can I do to find a career ?

Hello, I have trouble with figuring out what I want to do, I get overwhelmed by the options. Everyone always tell me don’t stress you’ll figure it out but I’m in 12th grade things are getting serious and I’m feeling behind.. I need to find what I want to do asap but no matter how much...

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Ashle 2 days ago 165 views

What do I have to do to get an understanding of my career path?

Hello, I have trouble settling for a career. I am currently in high school and I’m almost starting 12th grade this summer and I need help figuring out my life before it starts. I could use some advice, I do have a lot of interests in many subjects which makes things so much harder, recently...

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Emily Jul 15 747 views

Is a job at a bakery okay if I want to be a physician assistant when I am older?

I'm currently 15 years old and an upcoming sophomore in high school. I have an idea of what I want to be but right now to gain work experience I want to work at a bakery. Will this look bad for college if a bakery job I am applying too isn't really related to what I want to pursue.

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Yenny Jul 12 627 views

How can I get rich?

how do i start investing with little money?
Should i have a retirement account right after highschool?

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Recee Jul 10 215 views

What is Human error in the analysis of a failure?

Materials science and Engineering

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Jay Jul 09 389 views

What are good internships and research opportunities for a high school student who wants to pursue field of medicine

Hello, I am a rising junior in New York, NY. I'm a driven and hardworking high school student who is set on anesthesiology as my future profession. I realize this is a very advanced topic, and so I'm focusing on starting with the basics, and am looking for opportunities/internships to maybe...

johnny’s Avatar
johnny Jul 09 328 views

what involves sport science?

how does sport science relate with health

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Cassandra Jul 09 389 views

I'm a low-income, first generation student and am seeking career mentorship. Where do I start?

I am a community college student interested in working at a bank as a financial advisor. My community college does not have the resources to help me so I don't know where to start.

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Caitlyn Jul 08 334 views

What goals should I set for someone who is not entirely sure of what they wish to pursue yet?

I haven't entirely chosen the path I want to take yet but I want to be able to set some goals, how should I do this?

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Judit Jul 07 447 views

Should I get a Sonography or Radiology Degree?

Hello! Recently, I found out what I wanted my future career to be. Yet, I don’t really know if I should pursue a degree in Sonography or Radiology to become an Ultrasound Technician, specifically focusing on working in the OB/GYN unit?

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Ended Jul 07 349 views

How do I achieve my goal in college ?

College, school and the rest

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Jin Jul 07 482 views

What universities are good for biology (or STEM) majors?

Hello, I am a 17-year-old rising senior in high school and am looking to apply to colleges. I have a few colleges on my list but am hoping to add some more. I wish to major in biology and take on a career in STEM so am searching for colleges with a strong STEM program.

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Jin Jul 07 377 views

How can I find internships in STEM? (remote or on-site)

Hi, I am currently a rising senior in high school and wish to find an internship to do over the summer (and possibly into the school year). I wish to get an internship in STEM as I wish to pursue a future career in it. I am unsure where to look or how to obtain one.

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Jin Jul 07 314 views

What future careers could I pursue when interested in biology?

Hello, I am a 17-year-old rising senior in high school. I have a very strong passion for biology as I plan to major in it for college, yet I am unsure what career I could pursue if going into that field of study.

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