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Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha 2 days ago 62 views

Should I quit doing an elite sport to focus on paid internships and academic opportunities? Is this a better look for college?

I am in 10th grade and I have been committed to this sport since I was seven years old.

Jasiya’s Avatar
Jasiya Nov 25 45 views

Is it possible to find internships related to psychology?

As a high school student, I've come to the year where most have already started internships, and I wanted to do the same. However I was told that there is little I can find related to psychology.

Gideon’s Avatar
Gideon Nov 24 31 views

what skills do you need if you want to go into the healthcare system?

I think you need to start at some point but where do you start

Gideon’s Avatar
Gideon Nov 24 56 views

I want to go to the healthcare system but do not know if, that's what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Can you change your major at some point or do you have to follow it for the rest of your life

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 22 45 views

How do I become a shoe disigner ?

How do I become a shoe designer

Samir’s Avatar
Samir Nov 22 134 views

What is the best online program for coding practice?

I would like to get into the coding/technology field so I would like to know where the best place to start learning is.

Samir’s Avatar
Samir Nov 22 32 views

What is the best online studio for producing music?

I have an interest in music production and would like to know what is recommended for starters.

Leslie’s Avatar
Leslie Nov 21 53 views

How do cosmologists keep businesses going ?

I know that being a cosmetologist itself is hard but what are the biggest struggles a cosmetologist faces in order to keep businesses going? I know that the most important thing a cosmetologist focuses on is customer satisfaction. However I wonder what other obstacles a cosmetologist faces in...

Madilynne’s Avatar
Madilynne Nov 21 66 views

How are scholarships awarded to people?

There are people in high school who get scholarships to different schools of their choice because they did something that made them get the scholarship but i am really confused as to how this happens.

lenny’s Avatar
lenny Nov 21 41 views

Why do people think that sharks are really dangerous?

A majority of the population think that sharks are dangerous and want to eat humans. but in reality that's not really true.

Ashly’s Avatar
Ashly Nov 21 41 views

How is it being a pediatrician? Is it a good career?

I've been wanting to be a pediatrician for the longest because I love kids, I'm good with kids and I also have a love for the medical field as well. I think it would be the best career for me because I get to work with kids and treat them as if they were my own while I try to cure them.

Kimori’s Avatar
Kimori Nov 21 26 views

How can I do radiology/sonograms at the same time as real estate?

I am interested in both careers however, I am wondering how I will manage my hours to do both.

catalina’s Avatar
catalina Nov 21 21 views

how do i get more information and classes on real estate?

to do real estate i know you have to take classes and take notes cause you will have to take a test on it to get your license for real estate

Afua’s Avatar
Afua Nov 21 60 views

How to get into acting as a teenager?

I think if you want to be an actor it has a start as a kid to be more successful. Most successful actors now usually start as a kid because their parents might sign them up for kid shows as a kid and that usually grows into it and starts doing it more until their older.

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Nov 21 25 views

How long did education take for a psychiatric nurse?

How many years did you do before getting a job?

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