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Why does a transformer work only with AC power supply? What would happen if it was connected to a DC power supply?

From my understanding of how a transformer works. A AC power provides an alternating magnetic field which drives the current to the other coil. So what is the reason why transformers only work with AC and not DC power? Is it because the DC power will provide constant current which can be too...

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Laiz A. Apr 10, 2017 623 views

How can I set myself apart when applying for jobs?

I will be graduating this semester (Woohoo!) and am currently looking for jobs to gain work experience to act as stepping stones in building a career. I work as a server at a restaurant, but realize I need to focus on my future. To the jobs I have already applied to, there are many I have yet...

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Is Volunteering really a good look on your college resume?

Some of my friends volunteer but says its a waist of their...

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If I want to go into the military should I go to West Point?

I'm asking because I'm contemplating the benefits of a military college....