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Career Questions tagged Transition

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Aug 08, 2018 544 views

How do I build a resume that shows experience in teaching, but highlights my new career field in health care?

#Transition career
#respiratory care

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Aug 02, 2018 380 views

Following your college career what were some challenges you faced transitioning from college to medical school?

How did you go about choosing a medical school to attend as far as maybe different opportunities they provided and maybe the demographics?
#future surgeon #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school #transition #surgery #surgeon

Nabeeha’s Avatar
Nabeeha Jan 17, 2018 613 views

How can I have an easy transition from a community college to a 4-year university?

I plan on transferring to an undecided four year University and am scared that the transition will be tough on me. Is there any way I can ensure that I will be able to thrive in and enjoy my new environment? #communitycollege #transfer #college-transfer #transition #social #mental-health...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa May 18, 2016 702 views

Should I fulfill myself with AP courses my senior year of highschool?

I've only taken 2 AP classes before hand senior, is it worth it? #college #high-school #transition

D'Andre’s Avatar
D'Andre Mar 19, 2015 998 views

How smooth was the transition from college to the physical therapist work field since so many people are interested in this occupation?

I am asking because I am interested in choosing a major that will get me a job in the physical therapist work field. However, I am not very confident about choosing a major that will receive me a job in this career because I don't know anyone who is a physical therapist who can talk to me from...