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How smooth was the transition from college to the physical therapist work field since so many people are interested in this occupation?

I am asking because I am interested in choosing a major that will get me a job in the physical therapist work field. However, I am not very confident about choosing a major that will receive me a job in this career because I don't know anyone who is a physical therapist who can talk to me from experience. #physical-therapist #physical #therapist #preparation #transition

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Aaron’s Answer

Hey D'andre,
so I am not a PT, but my wife is and all her friends are, so I'm just throwing my hat in to answer thru her and her friends experiences. She has her DPT from Samuel Merrit College. When she went to SFSU, she majored in kinesiology. Most colleges don't offer PT as a major, which is unfortunate. What I have noticed is that if you can find a college that has that major, that's a huge plus. Since most don't offer that tho, doing Kinesiology is a good major to focus in, knock that out as fast as you can, because then the real path to being a PT begins in grad school. During that time in undergrad, I would highly suggest getting a job as an aid in a physical therapy clinic so you really start learning early on what it means to be a PT. Most PT's now have their doctorate, so expect a long path. The payoff is great tho, it's such a good industry to be both in salary and in satisfaction of doing your daily job. You will be helping people out of pain all the time. It bring such joy to my wife, and I'm sure it will do the same for you. Best of luck.