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Laiz Apr 15, 2017 1896 views

Should I wait a few years before starting an MBA program?

I will be graduating this semester and am thinking about graduate school. The school I currently attend has a bridge program that would allow me to complete my MBA in two semesters (option expires after 5 years). While all this is great, I have been told that getting out into the workforce to...

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Laiz Apr 11, 2017 1301 views

How does a person decide on an area of study without a vision of what they would like to do?

My roommate was going to school and took a semester off because she was really unhappy and unclear of where she was headed. She started taking classes again, but still feels lost and without grasp of her future. We were talking over breakfast this morning as she was expressing her frustration...

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Laiz Apr 10, 2017 1102 views

How can I set myself apart when applying for jobs?

I will be graduating this semester (Woohoo!) and am currently looking for jobs to gain work experience to act as stepping stones in building a career. I work as a server at a restaurant, but realize I need to focus on my future. To the jobs I have already applied to, there are many I have yet...